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THE TOWERFORT CONSULTANCY, LLC provides multiple services, both publicly and privately, to a unique sector of the financial marketplace. THE TOWERFORT CONSULTANCY, LLC has pushed the boundaries of how to perform business and offer a completely new way to conduct business.

This “new way” of conducting business provides the ultimate enhancement regarding Asset Protection and the Minimization of Income Tax Liability, while remaining in the USA.

All methods are completely legal and comply with all governing laws and IRS codes. Also, these methods have been tested in the courts and have withstood that scrutiny with successful judgments in favor of the applied methods in all cases.

THE TOWERFORT CONSULTANCY, LLC provides the right solution to simplify and reduce operating expenditures and provide a process that creates, increases and maintains generational wealth.

These methods also allow persons that do not hold USA Citizenship the ability to very easily set up a business/asset protection entity in the USA.

All of these services offered to the public are very economical and easy to manage and are accomplished via a unique arrangement of private trusts and that are protected under copyright.

THE TOWERFORT CONSULTANCY, LLC has developed proprietary methods that utilize these trust and corporations to provide multiple levels of indemnification and the highest level of Tax Liability Minimization available under governing laws and IRS codes.

THE TOWERFORT CONSULTANCY, LLC utilizes lawyers and certified public accountants that developed these unique trust to support and assist in the management of these trust, while the trustee maintains complete control.

In addition to offering Asset Protection and Tax Minimization, THE TOWERFORT CONSULTANCY, LLC also assist in Business Acquisitions and Mergers, while employing the copyrighted trusts to make any transfer of funds a non-taxable event or a “Tax Deferred” event. They also utilize these methods while setting up any newly or merged company to have minimal income tax obligations and maximum asset protection.

On a private level, opportunities offered include Financial Participation in International Oil and Gas Physical Commodities Transaction.

These high profit endeavors then incorporate the Asset Protection and Tax Minimization methods to preserve and optimize the gained wealth.